Floracracy's COVID-19 Response

April 9, 2020

Dear Floracracy Supporters and Customers ,

There are certainly no words to capture what we are all facing. And we as a company have found it extremely hard to determine how to function in a climate like this. It’s especially true since what we sell doesn’t feed our bodies -it’s not food (or even toilet paper!),. However, research has found it to be incredibly important in feeding our spirit, especially in situations where a person is lonely, depressed, and isolated.

Since a shelter-in-place was put into place, we have kept our warehouse closed so we could assess how we should proceed. The month before, we had hired a number of new people in anticipation of launching on April 7th.

Based on our understanding of national guidelines, local implementation of shelter-in-place efforts, and in consultation with our trade association and suppliers, we are going to be re-opening our warehouse by May 1, 2020. We will be shipping limited volumes within the context of our Project Shelter in Hope (please reference this page to see more about this project).

I have not taken lightly the idea of operating at this time. That’s why I have decided that while operating in May, all profits will be donated as part of our Project Shelter in Hope. If you buy from us to gift your mother or a friend, know that your money will keep jobs, women, and children safe. We will not profit from it.

Floracracy will be strictly following all guidelines for manufacturing spaces, including keeping 6 feet of space between individuals and allowing no more than 10 in a specific area. The company has also elected to go beyond these guidelines with the following policy:

Our company is equal parts technology and manufacturing. That means we function in a context where some can easily work from home and some depend on a space for hours. I am doing what I can to be sure that this crisis does not discriminate in our company between those that are more vulnerable, and that we use this opportunity to serve.

If you have any questions or concerns, I am fielding them directly during this crisis. Email me at

Be safe and be well,